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YuguTech LLC is responsible for providing services across multiple markets and has pushed B2B innovation since 2017.

YuguTech offers services across markets to better service it's clients with integrated soultions and lower prices.


We provide advanced custom-built online solutions for clients interested in controling their customer experience.


Our services offer integration with our marketing team to allow for content that drives better results in comparison to competitors.

Analystics & Data Analysis

We specialize in strategy consulting across our services with expert advice based on leading analytics and a history of leading the future.

Consulting across markets allows for better advice.

With services in the fields of Information Technology, Marketing, Psychology, Social Security, Credit, and Data Studies, experts at YuguTech LLC can offer advice with a better understanding of your market than a single-market "expert".

Experts are available via quarterly or bi-annual retainer, contact Michael at 740 350 4536 to learn more about consulting.

Cross-market infastructure.

In the field of Information Technology, YuguTech LLC has the infastructure to handle any project needs.

Since being founded, YuguTech LLC has spent the last 2 years developing an infrastructure and client base that strengthen it’s abilities while gaining from the experience our clientele has provided. We have created custom purpose-built ecommerce systems, database management software, existing software extensions, marketing material including but not limited to photography and copy, marketing strategies, social media management systems, and many others.

During our time together this experience will help us better serve you today, and down the line.


Listed below are the services we provide. However, more custom solutions are available upon consultation.

Data Analysis

Usually based on retainer, we help clients make predictions and better understand the data they are recieving.


Upon retainer, our experts can be available M-F for strategic and tactical advice and discussion.


With our marketing department, you can rely on us to generate and public accurate and engadging content for your customer engadement.


We offer SEO and Software Optimization upon contract. Get better results out of your investment.

IT Services

Upon retainer or individual request, we service consumer and enterprise systems to ensure operation, reliability and efficiency.

Sensitive Requests

We work closely with our clients no matter the market to ensure needs are met within a short timeline.

Why choose us?

We beat out the competition with faster communication and market knowledge.

Quality Work.

All our services are guarenteed to get the job done, and we work with our clients around the clock to ensure this.

Any culture or language.

We work with clients no matter the demographic, language is not a barrier we allow to stay in our way.

Cross-market integration.

With services that cross so many markets, it's easy for us to integrate IT & Marketing, etc.






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816 Third Street, Marietta OH 45750

+1 740 350 4536

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